A Lesson on Giving Thanks

A Lesson on Giving Thanks

Book: The Thankful Book

Other Great Book Ideas:

  • Thank You Bear
  • A Thank You Walk
  • Bear Says Thanks
  • I Am Thankful
  • My Attitude of Gratitude
  • Grow Grateful

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Group Discussion: When/Why do we say, ‘Thank You?’

Song: This is the Way We Show Our Thanks – Beanbag Pass song & activity

  • This is the Way We Show Our Thanks – To the tune, Here We Go Around the Mulberry Bush
  • “This is the way we show our thanks, show our thanks, show our thanks. This is the way we show our thanks, we say ‘Thank You.’

Pass the beanbag around the circle while singing. When song stops, the person holding the beanbag says ‘Thank You’ to the person who gave it to them.

For children who are a bit older and can understand the concept, have them thank the person for something specific – “Thank you for being my friend.” Or “Thank you for sharing the toys with me yesterday.”

Chart/Graph: Create a chart on the board to gather and display Yes & No answers to things we should and don’t have to say ‘Thank You’ for.

Example: Do we say ‘Thank You’ when someone accidently knocks us over/down? Do we say ‘Thank You’ when they apologize and help us back up?

Take it Outside: Take the kids outside for a Gratitude Scavenger Walk




Open-ended/Free Art ‘Thank You’ cards

This is a “Dictate & Doodle’ activity. Have pre-folded cards (white cardstock) ready to go and place fall-themed collage items, glue and fall-colored paint out for free-range creativity.

Begin by asking the child who they would like to thank and what exactly what they want you to write. Make sure you ask them to show you where to write the note. If they are able to, have them sign their name.

Now let them decorate the front, back and inside of the card to their liking. Try to remind them that the receiver of the card will want to read their special message, and to try and avoid covering what was written. It will help to have notes of who said what so that it can be typed and passed along with the card when it is sent home or given to the recipient.                                     

Math/Science Combo Activity

Bake mini pumpkin pies (measuring is a great math activity & watching how ingredients transform during cooking/baking projects is a perfect science activity). You can find any recipe online or use one of your own. Most grocery stores have mini graham pie crusts but you can also use mini tins with refrigerated crust or a recipe from scratch.

Let each small group of children measure, mix and prepare their own pies (names can be written with sharpie on the underside of the tin prior to ingredients being placed inside. If you have a kitchen available at your center, great! If not, I’ve brought my own toaster oven in for baking projects and had them set out of reach for the safety of curious hands.

Once pies are baked and cooled, use them for snack and incorporate fractions by discussing how the pie changes when you cut pieces from it.

Dramatic Play

“Thanksgiving Day” – Play with food & dishes

Add tablecloth and “fancy” play table settings (a little tea set would work great for this)


Pumpkin Pie Playdoh

Add Pumpkin Pie spice to orange and brown playdoh


Any type of block along with a dollhouse full of people


Dictate & Doodle Journal Entry (or on some construction paper)

“I am Thankful for…”

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