Lovevery Subscription Box

Lovevery Subscription Box

Lovevery Subscription Box

I first heard of this company through an add on Instagram.  My baby was about 1 month old at the time.  I realized I didn’t have many toys for her, but I didn’t know what kind of toys fit her needs.  When I saw this ad, it said that boxes would come every couple of months filled with toys that were made for that particular developmental stage. I felt like this was exactly what I was looking for. 

Every 2 months we receive a box with a different title that refers to my baby’s skill at that stage. For example, the first box is called, “The Looker” since that’s what babies mainly do in the first 8 weeks of life.  The box has high contrast images, a simple book with no words, a black and white rattle, etc.  My 8 month old baby has loved all of the toys provided in each box.  I love that the subscription takes the guesswork out of finding meaningful toys. Also the toys are beautifully made with high quality materials. I never worry about them breaking or being a choking hazard.

The boxes come with instruction cards on how to best implement the toys in a way to advance your baby’s development.  There is input from occupational therapists as well as other baby experts. I also receive articles through email that explain developmental stages and different ways I can foster progression of milestones. One toy in particular has really shown growth in my daughter.  It was in our last box, “The Inspector”.  The ball drop box has helped her build gross motor skills while learning object permanence.  I watched her go from not really understanding what to do with it, to smoothly putting the balls in the hole without any problem in just a few weeks.

I fully recommend this subscription to any new parent.  It is a bit pricey, but I feel it is worth it, especially since I haven’t had to buy her any additional toys for her first year!

Take a deeper look at Lovevery’s PlayKits, Play Gyms, or NEW Block Set and see for yourself. Their award-winning play products are specially designed for each of a child’s learning stages.

Mom contributor:
Lauren Gray-Wolff
Elementary School Teacher
Northern California

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