All About Me

All About Me

A Day’s Lesson for the Beginning of the School Year

Book: I Like Me

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Song: Sammy/ I’m Glad I’m Me – Hap Palmer


Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Chart/Graph: Create a chart on the board to gather & display class hair or eye color

Group Activity: Handwriting Without Tears – Mat Man



Self Portraits (I’ve used a Cricut in the past to create people or face cut-outs along with various pieces of clothing. Yarn for hair, buttons for noses and/or to add to clothing. A hand-held mirror so each child can look at themselves during the process)


Fingerprint discovery (paper, ink/stamp pads, alcohol or baby wipes for clean-up, magnifying glasses). Have students print their fingerprints then use magnifying glass to observe and compare. Take it further and pull color pencils out so they can trace and color in their prints after observing them. Use rulers at take measurements.


How Big Am I?

weigh, measure and copy a hand and footprint (save to repeat at the end of the year to see how much each child has grown)

Cut a strand of yarn at the length each child measures to so they can participate in block activity later.

Sock sort and match

Dramatic Play

Dress up


About Me Bin – mirrors (that don’t shatter/break) or some form of safe reflective product, brushes (comb, hairbrush, toothbrush), people and/or miniature dolls…


Using the yarn strands from the math project, have each child build a structure that is as long or tall as themselves. Any type of block will work


This is my name (name practice).

Use name practice printout depending on developmental stage. *I’ve created my own and they’ll be available on here soon!* Pre-write each child’s name with a highlighter for a more fluid motion for students to trace.

Pre-write each child’s name in marker onto a piece of paper. Have child use glue to trace each letter and then glue objects to wet glue.

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