Apples Apples Apples

Apples Apples Apples


Get Active Have students practice balancing red, yellow and green balloons on their heads. Once balance practice is complete, it might be fun to have a little balloon battle.

Chart/Graph Colors of Apples (have children list off the different apple colors they have seen and/or tried)

Song Have You Ever Seen an Apple?



Apple Prints OR Apple Portraits

*Always be cautious when using food for play or art. Some of your students might not have adequate access to regular meals and you don’t want to send the wrong message*

For APPLE PRINTS – Cut apples in half (a few straight down the center of the core AND a few horizontally in the middle of the apple). Provide apple colored paint (generally red, green and yellow is enough) and allow children to stamp and paint using the halved apple pieces onto construction paper.

For APPLE PORTRAITS – Place a few apples (of various colors) in sight of your little artists. Provide apple colored paint, paint brushes (round, foam stamps are fun too) and construction paper. Let the students paint what they see. These will be museum worthy and should be put into some form of gallery display within your classroom. Cleaned apples from portraits can be used for tasting and/or snack once art project is complete.


Make Apple Sauce. It’s pretty simple and a crockpot placed out of reach is the easiest and safest way to do this. As an added benefit, your classroom will smell AMAZING! Either peel apples prior to having the kids assist, or get one of those peeler, slicer, & core contraptions (you’ll find one in my Amazon list). In small groups, rotate children in to help prepare the apples. Throw what has been peeled and sliced into a crockpot and put it on high. You can add some sugar and cinnamon if you’d like to add some extra flavor.

Be aware of your timing, its best to begin this at the start of class, especially if you have a short school day. You want to leave time to mash or blend the cooked apples, allow them to cool and then serve them so that chefs can sample their yummy dish.


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Apple Patterns – You can use plastic apple sorters with matching bowls or plates (red, yellow & green). If you don’t have sorting apples, prepare ahead by painting river rocks or purchase small red, yellow and green pompoms . Use tweezers to incorporate fine motor.

I also found pattern pages on Pinterest.

Dramatic Play

Apple Harvest

Pull out apples from your pretend food. Provide sun hats, baskets, gardening gloves and anything else you think would be a great addition.


Apple Pie Playdoh

Put spices into playdoh. Provide rollers, cookie cutters and throw in something that resembles seeds like black pebbles or marbles (with the age and developmental stage of the children in mind).


Prior to the school day, sort out the green, red and yellow blocks.


Dictate & Doodle: My Favorite Kind of Apple Snack… (apple slices, applesauce, apple juice…). Write each child’s answer and then let them draw it. You can also use a highlighter to handwrite their short answer (i.e. “apple slices”) and have them trace it, using a pencil or colored pencil.

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