Family Fun: Community Businesses and Activities

Family Fun: Community Businesses and Activities

BusyKids Play Town and Coffee Shop in Folsom, CA recently hosted a FREE Children’s ID Event to the community. Prior to seeing it being advertised in my Facebook feed, I had never heard of this local (to me) business and for whatever reason didn’t do any online research ahead of time. Walking in for the first time was a sweet surprise.

The preschool teacher and play-based learning lover inside of me was squealing and jumping for joy at all of the sights and sounds I encountered. Tucked in to a tiny strip mall I had never noticed in any of my multiple trips on this busy street, was the perfect little spot for parents to bring their young children for social interaction and a creative outlet.

With an employee’s permission, I tiptoed through the center to observe but not disrupt the activities taking place and snap pictures of each little themed cubby. My pictures were limited to what some of the rooms contained only out of respect to not capture any of the busy children that crowded them. It took every ounce of self control in me to not jump in and join in on the fun and I was a bit sad that Brody isn’t quite big enough to play there too.

BusyKids is located at 118 Woodmere Rd, Ste 110 in Folsom, California and is open to the community six days a week with hours varying and available for private parties on the other. There are a few levels of admission prices or memberships available. Parents and (younger) non-playing children are free. Schools and groups can also schedule field trips.

For more information or to see a calendar of upcoming events visit their website or their Facebook page

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