Let’s Celebrate Grandparent’s Day!

Let’s Celebrate Grandparent’s Day!

Book Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Grandparent’s Day

Chart Encourage some giggles if you want with this one. Create a chart tracking how many students in the class have bald grandpas. Other ideas could focus on grandparents who have gray hair, or wear glasses.

Song Down on Grandpa’s Farm



Make a card and gift to give to grandparents. I’ve always used a dish scrub brush dipped in paint to paint flowers, specifically this dandelion card

Another cute idea would be to use yellow buttons for the centers of forget-me-nots and blue fingerprints around them as the petals.

For either idea, the kids can dip their finger into green paint and drag under each flower to create a stem and leaves.

In this example, I used a smaller piece of canvas (about 2in x 4in), finger paints (see Amazon List) and a white button that I painted with the yellow finger paint. Smaller tiles that you can purchase in bulk from a home improvement store would work great too, or this can be the card you choose.

For some added writing and name practice, have the students either sign their own name or trace it on the back of their gift and inside the card.


Does grandma have a famous cookie recipe? Is there a special dish that only grandpa gets right? Find something yummy and fun and take this science activity into the kitchen!


Turn this into a fine motor experience. Using either 1 dice or create two of your own that each count up to 5 (best idea), some pipe cleaners and some pony beads – create “Grandma’s Jewelry.” With each roll of the dice, have children count the total number and then add that many beads to a pipe cleaner.

Dramatic Play

The Bag I Take to Grandma’s House – Suitcases or duffle bags, stuffed animals, clothing, pretend toiletries, pillows, blankets…

Let the kids’ imaginations take off as they plan and pack for a special (pretend) visit to their Grandma’s House.


Grandparent Sensory Bins (stereotypical grandparent items, i.e. yarn, looms, fabric, crocheting needles… for grandma – golf balls, tees, fake/artificial grass, magnetic fishing set… for grandpa)


“Grandpa’s Garage” – throw out the wooden blocks with either tools or cars. Let them build and create on their own.


Journaling/Dictate & Doodle: “What I love most about grandma and/or grandpa.”

Celebrating Grandparents Ideas List on Amazon

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