Let’s Connect!

Let’s Connect!
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Have you ever been plagued with worry over an incident in your classroom that you just needed to discuss with someone who would understand, not be involved in the situation and have great advice (maybe due to similar experiences)? Do you have a son/daughter who may not be developing as “fast” as you expected them to? Do you have fun ideas that you just can’t wait to share with other like-minded people? Look no further because Everybody Touch the Toys has just what you need!

Our Connect Forum is officially LIVE! From the Menu bar, select Connect. You must Register and Login in order to participate. Here is where we take this interactive community to the next level. Post your questions, concerns, ideas… etc all relating to working with, raising and involvement with children and subjects and/or scenarios that are experienced in this wacky Play-based Learning world of ours.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind and remember when posting or responding to others:

  1. Profanity of ANY kind will not be tolerated. I hate that I even have to say this, being that many of us are most likely early childhood educators and considering WHO this site has been designed to help longterm (children).
  2. Give some kind of *Trigger Warning* before posting sensitive subject matter. Some of us need to prepare our hearts before being exposed to something tough.
  3. Be KIND! You might not agree with everything said on here, that doesn’t mean that you have to be cruel. What’s the saying, “You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar,” right? It doesn’t take much effort to show love and it’s even easier to pass over and not say anything at all if you’re not able to give a gentle answer.
  4. As moderator, I have the right to remove ANYTHING I find to be inappropriate or offensive. You will be notified and given the reason as to why something you have posted has been removed if you happen to somehow violate the rules.
  5. Try to keep the topics relevant and within the realm of bringing up/teaching children. As much as the “Foodie” in me might love a good recipe, this isn’t a place to advertise what you’re cooking for dinner. Save those posts for Facebook.
  6. SALES and direct-linking of any kind will not be tolerated, however suggesting, directing to or recommending companies and/or websites (such as Amazon or Lakeshore for example; like “go to Amazon and search for ‘item example’”) to locate materials and resources is fine.
  7. When posting photos, PLEASE respect the privacy of young children who are not your own. If you are a teacher or caretaker, blur out faces before adding pictures.

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