Let’s Play with Leaves!

Let’s Play with Leaves!


Chart Create a graph to keep track of the colors of leaves collected

Song 10 Little Leaves – Finger Play Song for Children

Group Activity Go outside for a nature walk and collect fallen leaves (use gathered leaves for art project)


Art  (choose one or do them all)

Leaf Rubbings

Leaf Collage

Paint with Leaves

Leaf People


Leaf Observations

Use tweezers, magnifying glasses, even science goggles if you have them – to make it more official. Add desk lamps and flashlights so the details of the leaves can be better observed


Leaf Sort – sort leaves into corresponding colored containers or with pictures of the type of leaf. You can use some of the leaves collected on the walk, fabric leaves purchased from a craft store or

Dramatic Play

Cleaning up the yard – Pick Up the Leaves (scarves, gloves, trash bags, plastic rakes and shovels)


Fall Sensory bin (fabric leaves, acorns, twigs, bugs). Add items into a bin along with a bag of dry corn kernels, rice, raffia or brown shredded paper (“hay”)

Fun Fine Motor

Using some gathered leaves and hole punches, let children punch away and create their own leafy confetti.



Wooden blocks with woodland creatures, specifically birds (owls would be perfect). Have students build nests and homes


Have student pick one leaf from earlier collection that they admire the most. Glue it into their journal with the title, “This is My Leaf.” Ask them what they like most about their leaf; What is something special about this leaf? (other possible questions to encourage conversation or fun dictation) What color would they want to be if they were a leaf? What do they like to do with leaves they find on the ground? After dictation is complete, let student use colored pencils to draw and color whatever they choose. For added dictation have them describe their doodles.

It’s Fall Ya’ll – Amazon Ideas List

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