Little Passports – World Edition Subscription for ages 6-10

Little Passports – World Edition Subscription for ages 6-10

Once upon a time…
there was an epidemic that changed our lives suddenly and drastically.  We went from being constantly on the go to being homebound and attempting to continue our education in our home.  I have always had a heart for travel and world missions.  As I was scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw an advertisement for Little Passports with a dotted line traveling on a map and dropping landmarks on different locations around the world.  I thought this was a perfect time in our lives to order this!  Not only did we have the extra time, but we were not able to physically “go” anywhere, so we could bring those locations to us! 

It is fairly priced for what you receive in each package.  I wasn’t so sure the first time, but my eight year old was very excited over each item and activity. I really appreciate that the Little Passports website has additional resources for every country to add to our curriculum.  We utilize the art projects, informational facts and photos for our locations, and also learning a few words of the language.  I enjoy adding to the experience by watching YouTube children’s travel videos to the location we are visiting, praying for that country, donating to a charity in that location for the missionary aspect, and having a party the day that our package arrives by cooking, preparing, eating the specific cuisine while listening to their music. 

We have only been involved with Little Passports for a couple of months, but I have already seen some of the benefits for my eight year old.  We were watching a show and he yelled out, “Brazil!” He was very excited as he recognized their flag on TV.  Anytime he sees a map of South America, he points out Brazil.  I love hearing him say “Konnichiwa” to our family members.  I am sure this will give him an appreciation for each culture around the world.  This product definitely lives up to our expectations.  It takes time and effort on our part for this to happen as we enjoy enhancing the learning experience as much as we can. As with most things, it is what you put into it that makes the experience.  It would still be fun to receive a monthly country if nothing else, but our little ones might not retain as much information or benefit as much without the extra efforts. 

Kimberley Kulp – Early Childhood Center Assistant Director
Elk Grove, CA

– I would recommend this product to anyone interested in teaching our little ones more about the amazing world we live in. 

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