Rain! Rain! Let’s Go Play!

Rain! Rain! Let’s Go Play!

Rainy Day Activities – HELP, We’re Stuck Inside!

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So it’s raining and you’re stuck inside? Never fear, here are some fun ideas to stay busy and squeeze a little learning in!

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If All the Raindrops – Barney

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The Itsy Bitsy Spider


Put your rain gear on and go jump in those puddles!


Rain Drop Paint

Use eye droppers, medicine dispensers or even a turkey baster.

Blue, non-toxic & washable paint (mix with water and dish soap for easier clean up).


Have child drip-drop the paint onto their paper.

Take it a step (or more) further and keep it open-ended by adding glue, cotton balls, crayons, safety scissors, tape, etc. and let the kids continue to create.

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Build Shelter

Gather all of the pillows, couch cushions, sheets, stuffed animals, flashlights and books that you have (or are willing to have thrown throughout the house) and build a fort.

Dramatic Play



Collecting Rain Water – How Much Rain Will Fall During the Day?

Find an empty bucket. A measuring cup or even a pitcher would work too.

Have a measuring tool (ruler, measuring tape – make sure that it measures cm, in and ft) handy. Place into empty container or have ready to measure contents throughout the day.

Set empty container in an area in your yard where rain water can be collected. Make sure it is not easily knocked over. Placing a heavy rock inside could aid in the stability.

Make your hypothesis. Pull out forms of measurement and various-sized cups (dixie, solo, etc). Using the collected measurement tools/cups, make and record guesses on how much rain water will be collected by the end of experiment.

Determine time frame of experiment. Check on it during the day; careful not to interrupt the collection process.

Once the time of experiment has concluded, observe results by measuring with ruler/measuring tape and containers and discuss findings.

How Do Clouds Make Rain?


Rain Soup

Use (if available) clear, non-breakable containers.

Fill with water and add a little dish soap and blue food coloring.

Throw a few toys (preferably educational – like plastic/foam letters and numbers) in there.

Give your children ladles, spoons and strainers.

Manipulatives (fine motor work)

Sort the Rainbow

This can be a yummy snack too!

Have a box of Fruit Loops (or similar cereal)?

Poor some out

Use squares of colored construction paper or draw colored squares onto white paper (or circles into paper bowls).

Have your child sort out the colors to corresponding paper/bowl.

Writing (quiet time activity)


  • “What I like most about the rain.”
  • “My favorite part of the day.”
  • “Science hypothesis and findings.” 

Depending on the age and writing ability of your child, this may have to be a dictate and doodle (have your child draw their stories and then tell them to you as you record them).

**For less mess, easy clean up Sensory, Science and Art projects: Use a plastic tablecloth under containers/trays/bowls…

No smocks? Pull out old, over-sized t-shirts from your closet and have your children wear those.**

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