Tharr Be Treasure!

Tharr Be Treasure!
Photo by: Markus Spiske from Unsplash

Take an adventure on the high seas and be a pirate for a day or two! Here are some fun ideas to get the imagination engine running and your explorations started.

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Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map
Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map

We Are the Pirates

The Pirate Song (When I Was One)

Over the Deep Blue Sea

  • Go on a reversed Treasure Hunt by leaving the decorated rocks around your neighborhood
  • Walk the Plank! Practice those balancing skills and get to walking! Using painter’s tape (for younger kids) or a plank of wood, have children use their muscles and walk across. Surround them with pretend water (blue sheets, tablecloth or blankets) filled with stuffed or plastic sea creatures.
  • Pirate Dress Up
    • Pirate inspired clothing
    • necklaces
    • gold coins
    • maps
    • telescopes
Bins with gems, scoops, (sunken) boats, pirate figures, sand
Sort, count, weigh gems using a math scale

“Exploding” Treasure Chests

Crystal Growing Science Kit

Sink or Float – build your own rafts or boats using materials found around the house and/or outside. See which once hold up and float on the water and which ones sink to the bottom of the sea.

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