Tiny Travelers – Take a Trip Around the World

Tiny Travelers – Take a Trip Around the World
Photo credit: Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

Like me, I can bet that many of you have had to rethink, reschedule and even cancel upcoming travel plans. Spring Break has come and gone and Summer is quickly approaching but our lives all look a bit differently right now. We didn’t start 2020 thinking of all the things we would not be able to do but with dreams, plans and ideas as to how it would unfold. Five months in and the world seems to be stuck on pause.

What if I told you that your family can still have a summer full of adventures all from the safety of your home, yard and neighborhood?!

This is going to take some preparation and a bit of research (depending on the duration and details of your travels).

To begin, choose where you would like to go. In the past, my students and I traveled to England, Greece, Egypt and China to name a few.

Our research focused on climate, terrain, national flag, primary language, traditional food and something the country is known for (tourist attractions, bird, hobby, flower…)

With chairs set up as our pretend airplane and everyone having their own passport and plane tickets/boarding passes in hand (you can create your own simple version or download a printable copy online – don’t forget to add stamps to them), we were well on our way for our daily adventures. What is great, is the trip unfolds according to your timing. If you want to take it slowly and spend a little more time in each country, then that is up to you. Visiting each state is another great idea to learn about our country.

A Few Learning Station Ideas:

Dramatic Play

Pull the luggage out and fill them with outfits fitting for your destination.


Throw out items in the colors of the flag for the nation you are visiting (paper, paint, yarn, buttons…etc). Give your child/ren an opportunity for some open-ended creating.


Look up YouTube videos of traditional music and/or dance (when we visited India a parent brought in traditional Indian clothing for the children to try on and we found a kids Bollywood dance video). *It’s always important to make sure you are respectful of each culture and have permission and parent volunteers in a classroom environment to make sure subjects are being taught appropriately.*


Cook or bake a popular/common dish associated with the region you are visiting. Little Passports also makes a Science Expedition kit that helps to easily bring STEM activities to your littles.


Using the colors found in the flag again, work on sorting and creating patterns

During our visit to England we made a stop at Buckingham Palace where we tried to make the guards smile. It looks like one of us was successful.

The trip would not be complete without a spot of tea with the Queen.

In Greece we talked about the Olympic Games and live theater. We used paper towel rolls to create our own interpretation of the Olympic Rings and then decorated drama masks for our theatrical debut.

While traveling through Egypt we thought it best to take a camel ride across the desert where we took in sights of the majestic pyramids. One of our students was a bit intrigued by hieroglyphics, so we took a stab at it too.

We nibbled on some chow mien during a snack break in China then created our own handprinted parade lions to document our visit and when one child requested it, decided to create a life-sized version for our own mini parade.

If planning something like this is a bit overwhelming to you, Little Passports has you covered! Hands-on educational activities for all ages, delivered to you every month! Little Passports also offers age range appropriate kits as well an Early Explorers kit providing a global adventure appropriate for preschool age kids.

Check them out and see what best fits your family’s interests.

Photo by: Nubia Navarro (Nubikini) from Pexels

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