What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Before launching this website, in the early planning stages, I struggled with finding the right name. It had to be something unique but easy to remember, something simple to find yet clever. So many not-so-spectacular possibilities were thrown around until I got so overwhelmed I decided to ignore that part of the process until later.

I knew what I wanted my content to consist of; play-based learning ideas from a former preschool teacher turned full-time mom, but couldn’t quite come up with a name that seemed worthy. That is, until reminiscing one afternoon of a funny moment experiences at school.

Anyone who has ever interacted with younger children on a regular basis will agree that you often find yourself saying things to them you NEVER imagined saying out loud to another human being. My coworker and I joked that we should have our own reality tv show, giving the public a fly-on-the-wall perspective of an average day in the life of a preschool teacher. Somewhere along the way our tv show evolved into us having our own band in which each song title was a phrase we caught ourselves saying (i.e. “Get Your Hands Out of You Pants,” or “Don’t Put Your Fingers in Your Nose”).

I guess not being able to properly name something is an ongoing issue of mine because that was the one thing (besides talent) our band lacked. It was on that fateful day as we tried to get our kids to clean up a bit faster, one student must not have heard our multiple requests to wrap up her playing. As the other students began to deconstruct her set up, she grew more and more agitated, finally yelling out, “Mrs. Ball, they’re touching the toys!” Without skipping a beat I responded with, “Because it’s time to put them away. Everybody touch the toys!” Immediately my eyes locked on to my coworker’s, both having our instant “ah, ha moment.” THAT was our (non-existent) band’s name!

Though my dreams of being a famous rock-n-roll star quickly faded, our inside joke remained consistent, so why not (with her approval) use what inspired so much joy and laughter as the title of my newest adventure? And here we are, Everybody Touch the Toys!